S-putty Thermal Conductive Putty Series

S-putty Thermal Conductive Putty

•Thermal conductivity: 2.0/3.5/6.0 W/m*K
•Toerance filled
•High compressibility with low stress
•Not vertical flow
•High reliability

LiPOLY S-putty type is a gel material for gap filling. The thermal conductivity is 2.0~6.0W/m*K. The high deformation material which can filling the air gap, cover the tolerance, overcome the overflow and drying problem to increase the thermal conductivity. It’s the best choice for S-Putty Dispensing Robot. LiPOLY’s ability of research and development is providing our best thermal solution to customers, which can satisfy customer special requirement on advanced product. The product is qualified for UL.

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