Non-Silicone Thermal Conductive Series

N700A/B Non-Silicone Thermal Conductive Pad

•Thermal conductivity: 1.5/3.0 W/m*K
•It’s maked by non-silicon resin materials
•low-molecular-weight siloxanes with non-volatile
•Low contact thermal resistance
•With electrical Insulation
•Outstanding thermal conductivity
•Qualified for UL94V-0
•Applicable to optical and sensitive electric components

LiPOLY N700A/B is made by non-silicon resin material, it’s low-molecular-weight siloxanes with non-volatile, can avoid the electrical contact problem. N700 is flexible and with great thermal conduction, makes the thermal resistance as low as possible. The thermal conductivity is 1.5~3.0W/m*K. It’s suitable for optical and sensitive electric components. LiPOLY’s ability of research and development is providing our best thermal solution to customers, which can satisfy customer special requirement on advanced product. The product is qualified for UL.

What is low-molecular-weight siloxanes?
The chemical formula indicates that if CyclicdiMethylpolysiloxane(Ho-[Si(CH3)2O]n-H)is non-reaction , it’s volatile anytime and everywhere. For example , when the electric products which has been put in a confined space, the volatile of low-molecular-weight siloxanes will makes the electric products uncontacted.

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  • G3380N Non-silicone Thermal Interface Grease

    •Thermal conductivity: 1.3 / 3.2 / 4.5 W/m*K
    •No low MW siloxane
    •Low thermal impedance

    LiPOLY G3380N has made by non-silicon resin material, which is not low-molecular-weight siloxanes content, with low thermal resistance, great thermal conductive, which has been extensively use on Consumer electronics and Microprocessor for their thermal control techniques. The thermal interface grease can cover several coat on the component interface, when the component’s temperature raise, thermal interface grease stickiness will decrease, which can moisten the interface of components.

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