Thermal Radiation Heatsink

AL338 Thermal Radiation Heatsink

•AL338 increase the thermal radiation function significantly of metal , accelerate the heat exchange between metal and air.
•High efficiency cooling down continuously. The radiation rate is 0.96, the cooling down margin can achieve 10~30%.
• Coating performance is long lasting , radiation rate will not diminish because of time.
• It’s anticorrosive and wear resistant, could protect the metal interface to avoid erosion.
•The construction is lighting aluminum, which can easy assembly to shorten the production cycle.
•The assembly operation doesn’t need mounting holes and clamping parts, it can decrease the cost.

The electric product in the thin and sealed space will produce waste heat, which makes frequency lost of the core processor and shut down by overheat. We can’t set a fan to convection the heat in the limited space, on this condition, the V type heat sink would be the best choice. the heat sink can transform heat into electromagnetic wave, because of it’s design with high surface area and high heat radiation emissivity and special angle.the surface area with nanoparticle could increase heat-exchange efficiency. the radiation thermal emissivity of V type heat sink approach anodic treatment, can increase the thermal conversion rate also. the design of V type heat sink can increase the natural convection.

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